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Claw Foot Tub Notes

  • We shopped around for a bit for a claw foot tub in Toronto.
  • The best price we found was 195 dollars from the guy on queen by dovercourt, Royal, but they were pretty beat up, no hardware.
  • The "worst" price we found was a brand new tub at "taps" for $1100, and matching fitting for 1000$
  • Bought a second-hand cast iron clawfoot tub from Restore, complete with cast iron feet, facets, and shower pipine and curtain rail for $350 cnd.
  • It was not in perfect shape, but in reasonable shape.
  • The chrome all needed a good cleaning which was done with you basic bathroom cleaning supplied and a good 3M scrubby.
  • half of the unit had 4 coats of paint on it and the other half had 2 coats.
  • the tub's exterior was brushed down with a stiff wire brush, then painted with a coat or two of tremclad.
  • the feet were stripped, first with acetone, then with Bher's "The Stripper", all done outside, over time, many repetitions.
  • after 99% of the crap was off the feet I took a wire brush dremel tool and buffed up the feet.
  • They were then coated with Tremclad Polyeurethane.

Getting rid o building waste

Use city of toronto transfer stations. I took a half a minivan of stuff to the transfer station on bermunsy and it cost me 12.50$ and 28 minutes.

To check out


From Holmes on Homes:

  • get an expert
  • consider bonder which helps mortar "stick" to brick.
  • the expert should remove at least 5/8" of the old mortar before putting in more working.
  • caulking not recommended.

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