How to hunt bots

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bio of Atticus Kopernicus

How to Hunt Botting VNIs
How to Hunt Botting Dominixes

gamelordzizo42: Lets put it this way you will not leave this system in one peace. but in a box maybe
quninmud > 。。。
quninmud > 啊爸爸把 (Ah dad put)
quninmud > baba (daddy)
quninmud > 爸爸 (dad)
quninmud > 别杀我 (Don't kill me)
KUdiursss > 有人吗 (Anyone?)
KUdiursss > help

Kill: KUdiursss's Machariel 
(gf btw)
Zhenheyao > 不睡觉小心猝死

Sardukar Harkonne > yes your mother

otori takeo > dude u fucking suck get a life

Colleen Minayin > happy fuckface? get cancer

Mina Nosha > must be hard to kill freighters, what a childish idiot

Sazzina Seii > i am pussy
Sazzina Seii > so what

Blood Revenge > 凸=.=凸
Zhanxian Li > you are a gay?
Hongbo Cao > white pig