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Class 1 H121 P060 Q317 V301 Y790 Z647 Z971
Class 2 C125 D364 D382 G024 I182 N766 R943
Class 3 C247 L477 M267 N968 O477 O883 X702
Class 4 E175 M609 O128 T405 X877 Y683 Z457
Class 5 H296 H900 L614 M555 N062 N432 N770 V911
Class 6 A982 B041 R474 S804 U319 U574 V753 W237


Class 7 High Sec A641 B274 B449 B520 D792 D845 N110 S047
Class 8 Low Sec A239 C140 C391 J244 N290 N944 R051 U210
Class 9 Null Sec C248 E545 K329 K346 S199 V283 Z060 Z142

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