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Daily reading


kiagarpy https://zkillboard.com/kill/66275871/ bomber


Amaru Tupac https://zkillboard.com/kill/27830426/ cynabal https://zkillboard.com/kill/27435875/ hurriane https://zkillboard.com/kill/27202159/ lach https://zkillboard.com/kill/27261479/ damp arazu

Patch notes

Top notes

rando's skill plan:

  • corp man V 4d
  • projected electronic counter measures
  • tactical logisitcs reconfiguration
  • capital projectile

myridia's skill plan:


nervous skill plan: none


PI plan:


RZ-TI6 Planet (Barren) RZ-TI6 I 12



  • Oxides
  • Genetically
  • one production slot available

FX4L-2 Planet (Gas) FX4L-2 V 9 FX4L-2 Planet (Ice) FX4L-2 VI 9 FX4L-2 Planet (Storm) FX4L-2 I 10 FX4L-2 Planet (Temperate) FX4L-2 II 11


1ZF-PJ Planet (Barren) 1ZF-PJ VI 12

FX4L-2 Planet (Ice) FX4L-2 VI 12

FX4L-2 Planet (Lava) FX4L-2 III 10

  • Simple P1 planet
  • Output:
    • Silicon
    • Chiral Structures
  • Input: none

FX4L-2 Planet (Temperate) FX4L-2 II 13

  • High tier build facility
  • Self-Harmonizing Powercore
    • Nuclear reactors
    • Hermetics
    • Camera Drones
  • Input:
    • Precious + Toxic -> Enriched uranium
    • Micro fibre shielding + enriched uranium -> nuclear reactors

To do


1. get stuff shipped to null
2. melt
3. clear ships
4. sell stuff.
5. atron -> taranis
6. get hulk to null
7. get crystals to null.
8. mining skills to null. - figure out what rando , mylridia need.

Shopping list


  • crystals
  • hybrid
    • iron s / m
    • anti s / m
  • retreiver
    • mining laster
    • crystals
  • cruisers
    • vexor
    • moa

Ship: frigate sized stuff

2 X hyenas

4 X cheetah

core probe launcher core scanner probe I cargo expanders

Modulated Strip Miner II - 5m3 each 6X

Community Sites


Now you've done it; I'm just going to go on and on ...




  • repair ship
  • insure ship
  • ammo for ship
  • rigs in cargo?
  • drugs?
  • repair heat
  • Leadership take Squads
  • Fleet wing
  • reship ship ready
  • check pod? implants
  • potato mode ( turn down graphic, Display & Graphic -> Graphic content settings -> optimize settings -> Performance )


  • do you know who FC is?
  • secondary FC / third FC
  • watch list correct?


  • get in logi chan
  • logi anchor? same as FC?


  • All Capitals make sure you have no ships in your fleet hanger
  • right amount of fuel?
  • right amount of stront
  • right amount of cap boosters?


  • must be fit with squads of anti-fighters

Organized Fleets

  • Find the Wing for the ship you are in.
  • Capitals find the wing that fits you.
  • All Fax be in the Logi Channel

The Welpoming Fleet

  • 2 sabres
  • any old Sniper ship ( 100 km or more optimal )
  • eyes X 4

If you are sniper, you should have two tacks at your optimal on the target gate and at least one safe spot.

sabres are on the gates.

Ammo / Ranges / Damage

Hybrid Ammo Table

Standard Hybrid Charges
Name Range Modifier Damage Type Capacitor Need
Antimatter -50% Kinetic, Thermal 0%
Plutonium -37.5% Kinetic, Thermal -5%
Uranium -25% Kinetic, Thermal -8%
Thorium -12.5% Kinetic, Thermal -40%
Lead 0% Kinetic, Thermal -50%
Iridium +20% Kinetic, Thermal -24%
Tungsten +40% Kinetic, Thermal -27%
Iron +60% Kinetic, Thermal -30%

Name Em Exp Kinetic Therm Range Bonus Cap Need
Void M 0 HP 0 HP 15.40 HP 15.40 HP -25% 25%
Uranium Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 12 HP 8 HP -25% -8%
Tungsten Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 8 HP 4 HP 40% -27%
Thorium Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 10 HP 8 HP -12.50% -40%
Plutonium Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 12 HP 10 HP -37.50% -5%
Lead Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 10 HP 6 HP 0% -50%
Iron Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 6 HP 4 HP 60% -30%
Iridium Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 8 HP 6 HP 20% -24%
Antimatter Charge M 0 HP 0 HP 14 HP 10 HP -50% 0%


Standard Frequency Crystals
Name Range Modifier Damage type Capacitor Need
Multifrequency -50% EM, Thermal 0%
Gamma -37.5% EM, Thermal -15%
X-Ray -25% EM, Thermal -25%
Ultraviolet -12.5% EM, Thermal -35%
Standard 0% EM, Thermal -45%
Infrared +20% EM, Thermal -35%
Microwave +40% EM, Thermal -25%
Radio +60% EM -15%





Federation Navy Garde  Faction 1,920 HP 0.0378 rad/sec 20.00 km  1.728 x
Garde I                Tech I    800 HP 0.03   rad/sec 20.00 km  1.6 x
Garde II               Tech II   960 HP 0.036  rad/sec 24.00 km  1.92 x
Bouncer I              Tech I    608 HP 0.01   rad/sec 40.00 km  1.4 x
Republic Fleet Bouncer Faction 1,458 HP 0.0126 rad/sec 40.00 km  1.512 x
Bouncer II             Tech II   729 HP 0.012  rad/sec 48.00 km  1.68 x
Caldari Navy Warden    Faction 1,074 HP 0.0126 rad/sec 50.00 km  1.296 x
Warden I               Tech I    448 HP 0.01   rad/sec 50.00 km  1.2 x
Warden II              Tech II   537 HP 0.012  rad/sec 60.00 km  1.44 x

Racial Jammers

Racial jammer.jpg

/ECM 101

WH PI Proportions


  • water X 2
  • reactive X 2
  • bact X 2
  • oxygen
  • biomass
  • biofuel
  • precious
  • chiral
  • plasmoid

Current Standing Orders

To Lava I

  • noble metals
  • carbon compunds

To barren V


  • 1000 reactive
  • 1000 water


  • 1000 biofuels
  • 1000 Precious metals
  • 240 super tensile
  • 240 test cultures
  • 240 biocell
  • 240 nanite
  • 240 water cool cpu
  • 240 transmitter

From Barren V

  • bacteria
  • test cultures
  • nanites

To Barren iV

  • 2 oxygen
  • 4 water
  • 2 bacteria
  • 1 biofuel
  • 2 biomass
  • 2 chiral
  • 2 plasmoid
  • 1 precious
  • 4 reactive


Beginners study Tactics.
Amateurs study Strategy.
Professionals study Logistics.

Convos of note

WH collapsed on me, but was in a helios, so no big deal right? well I need to scan my way out. from the c5 -> c3(passive) ->c4(very agressive) -> c3(dead as a door nail) -> hs whew!

the aggressive guys were chatty ( relatively speaking ) (they didn't find me)

[02:14:16] Charok > o/
[02:19:16] Therazoull > 6 cores = FAIL
[02:19:52] Charok > just use 4 its better
[02:27:57] Therazoull > found him

they did however camp my "out" path, a c3, that I didn't know at the time had a hs. So I waited and waited ( scanning theitr system that was packed iwth sigs BTW )

Dev Stuff



Other people's fits:

  • wheniaminspace

Eve LinksWikis




Market Data

Pos planner




Warp to me corp

rules and regs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14OwAMJsArf8WGwDnEE5WvoghXSbYZE9EqHuU6jRRO1Y/edit


waitlist: https://wl.warptome.net/?groupId=1

Cap ships

Your titan and her requirements.png

Cap fits


slowcat archon

  • 3 X trimark armour rig.
  • 2 X remote armour repairers
  • 1 X capital energy transfer
  • 2 X drone link aug t2
  • 2 X omnidirectional tracking link
  • 2 X cap recharger II
  • drone damage aug
  • t2 damage crontrol
  • imperial navy adaptive nano fibre
  • coreli-c type armor hardeners

travel fit:

  • 4 X cap recharger
  • 7 x cap power relay

in hold

  • ozone
  • cloak
  • ladar eccm
  • spare set of t2 hardeners if burnout
  • remote sensor booster t2 + scripts

Notes on Shipping

Shipping Details READ From: XXX Sent: 2013.08.30 13:14 To: XXX

We got a lot fo questions last night so need to clarify a few things.

I will use BOLD to emphasise important parts, I'm NOT yelling at you. :-)

What a Jump Freighter can ship and how: JF can haul Un-Assembled ships and EVERYTHING else. These require a COURIER contract (NOT a regular Item Exchange contract) From: M2 preffered but we can acomodateand shipping IIR and Sarline. Ship To Field (screen 3 of 4): Pashanai III Moon 2, Side Note: we will be landing in Leran VI (discussed in carrier shipping below) Make this contract PRIVATE to the shipper. DO NOT make contracts to alliance or corp. (just in case spy whom can steal your stuff) Do NOT specify any Collateral. Do NOT specify any payment. Tips Welcome Tho :) Each Contract is limited to 200 items and the folowoing size limits... JF cargo is limited to 353,250 m3. If you can make a full load, make contract for that. If you can NOT make full load then limit (break up) each contract to around 50k or 100K as best as possible. Smaller is OK.

What a Carrier can ship and how: Carrier can haul all Assembled ships with RIGS FITTED. It can Haul 1,000,000 m3 of FITTED Ships. If you do NOT have Rigs Fitted then REPACKAGE your ship and send via JF. RENAME your ship with YOUR name. Or you could very well lose it. All these ships are lumped together so its the only way to track them. You can leave all your modules fitted. You can leave all your drones in drone bay. however REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM CARGO. PLEASE. there are many issues with leaving stuff in cargo ... it will be best if we all just remove all from cargo. Create a Item Exchange Contract OR place the ships in the Corp Hanger "M2 to Leran" Preferred to put in the Corp Hanger.

Hope this helps. send any corrections to me I'll update. Mhowatt

relocation out of syndicate From: XXXX Sent: 2013.08.30 03:15 To: XXXXX

For now we are relocating out of syndicate. Their is a new hangar, m2 to Leran. Same thing, rename ships to YOUR name, make sure their are NO modules in ship and put them in hangar.

This is not going out allaince wide just yet i want us to get a jump on this, so we can help allaince. Keep a few pvp ships handy.

If you have frigs, just repackage them, its way overall cheaper then jumping a thousand frigs.

relocation out of syndicate From: XXXX Sent: 2013.08.30 03:15 To: XXXX

For now we are relocating out of syndicate. Their is a new hangar, m2 to Leran. Same thing, rename ships to YOUR name, make sure their are NO modules in ship and put them in hangar.

This is not going out alliance wide just yet i want us to get a jump on this, so we can help alliance. Keep a few pvp ships handy.

If you have frigs, just repackage them, its way overall cheaper then jumping a thousand frigs.




/Mineral Markets

/Kit ( mod and rigs ammo etc )

Forums Posts of Note

Eve stream

Videos of notes


HS Gank

  • agress target with noob ship to set log-off timer
  • bump autopiloting target off grid by 1000 km
  • now you get extra time from concord and no gate guns.


Slippery Pete
a low sig ship with high mobility,
Drop lots of bubles in front of a fleet as it moved to slow it down.

In Memorandum

R.I.P. Lightmar 07.20 07.10.06
It is regrettable that many current and future members will not have the priviledge of talking to him.
Martin "Toqua" Wallner
21 March 1963 - 13 June 2009
Take care Toqua.. You were a good leader, and a good friend with the patience of a saint. R.I.P.
Jay "Sebell" Terry, October 9th 2015
Thank you for everything. You will never be forgotten.

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