Sage Oil

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I would like to extract sage oil from my sage given I have so much of it and I make Soap.

I found a small centrifuge online that helps with this process.

I simply put a pile of sage and a bit of water in the blender and let that settle out. Then I use a syringe to remove the top layer of "stuff" from the mixture and put that in the centrifuge. Set to 3k rpm for 5 minutes and a sludgy layer forms: the oil!

It's tedius work because the centrifugte doesn't have high capacity : 14ml per test tube ( upto 4 test tubes at a time ).

Additionally I'm suffering from the oil going rancid very quickly , in about a day. I chalk this up to the amount of airation that it's getting when I put it in the blender. And now weeks later, the oil is covered in a fungal layer, completely unfit for use.

As of tonight I've done a bit of research and it looks like I can use either tea tree oil or Vitamin E to preserve the oil.

Also see Overview of crude essential oils and their identified target sites and modes of action.